Personal Data

Born on April 29th, 1945 in Vimercate (Milano) - Italy.

Graduated in Mathematics on December 2nd, 1967 at the University of Pavia - Italy.

Married on March 17th, 1973 in Paris (France) with L. Donatella Marini .

No children.

Member of the Rotary Club Pavia (2050) since 1997.

Commendatore al merito of Italian Republic since 2006.

Supporter of Juventus F.C. from April 29th,  1945 to now.


Personal address

Franco Brezzi / Via P. Amoretti 2 / I-27100 Pavia / (Italy)

Tel +39 0382 461771.

P.S. Allright, allright! Stop making jokes! The picture in this page dates back to 1984. What's wrong with that?
By the way, I have earlier pictures